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Polymyxin Ceftazidime Selective Supplement
■ 제조사: Neogen
■ 제품코드: x072
■ 포장단위: 10vials/pack
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■ 제품용도 및 설명


  Polymyxin & Ceftazidime selective supplement는 식품의 리스테리아 분리배양시

  Harlequin® Listeria Chromogenic Agar (Ottaviani & Agosti)에 첨가하여 사용한다.

BrandNeogen® Culture Media
PlatformDehydrated Culture Media
Formula (per vial) 
Polymyxin5 mg
Ceftazidime10 mg
  1. Aseptically add the supplement to the media cooled to 48-50°C and immediately mix gently to evenly distribute.
Package Dimensions5.50 in x 2.40 in x 2.40 in
Package Weight0.30 lb
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